Battle Of The Baltic

3 Nations 1 Winner

Does your team have what it takes?


01. All catches must be catch & release.

The fish must go back in the water immediately after measure and photo with minimal impact on the fish. Landing mat is encouraged.

02. Only fish from the competition, caught within the competition zones you are licensed for are allowed.

Its not allowed to start fishing before the start and its not allowed to fish after the end of the competition. Please consult the times on the Schedule page.

03. All catches must be documented clearly with at least two photos and noted on the Result Rapport. Mobile phone camera not allowed.

A catch must be photo'd against the measure with the fish's mouth at absolute 0 cm and the total lenght clearly visible at the tailfin. We require at least two photos of the fish against the measure. If your photos are blurry or we are unable to verify the lenght, the catch will be removed from your result. We will not accept photos from mobile phones.

04. Every catch must have at least one photo against the surrounding scenery.

You must hold the fish up to show the surrounding area where the fish was caught.

05. Time and date of your digital photos must be accurate with the current time/date.

This applies both to the file date of the image file and any date that your camera puts in your photo. Wrong time/date will disqualify the catch in question.

06. The allowed methods are casting, spinning and flyfishing with artificial baits.

It is not allowed to use live bait, angling, trolling etc. You must use an active rod.

07. Minimum length is 50cm.

Every thing below 50cm is gently relased, everything above must be photo'd before released.

08. One boat per team, two-three participants per boat.

Each team must have 1 boat and every team must consist of min 2, max 3 people. Only participants are allowed in the boat during the competition.

09. Only one active rod per participant.

You may bring more rods, but you may only use one rod at a time.

10. Length is measured in full centimeters.

Half-centimeters are rounded down. The tailfin must touch the line of the next centimeter to be rounded up.
The exception is longest fish, which is checked by carefully comparing pictures for exact lenght. You are allowed to hold the tail coil together.

11. Team win is calculated based on the longest five fishes per team.

Example: if the team has taken seven fishes, only the five longest are counted. If two teams have the same total result, the team with the longest individual fishes win.

12. Boat in port after the competition.

All boats must return to port after the competition ends, but you are allowed to fish until the very last minute. Manage your time and pay attention to the clock so you are able to return in time.

13. Failure to comply with these rules may cause disqualification.

If a participant fails to comply with the rules, the individual and/or the team may be disqualified. No appeal.

14. Leaving the boat requires prior permission.

Regardless of the reason, you must get permission to leave the boat.


01. The team participants are checked on the morning meeting. Those signed up must be the ones competing.

Mobile phones, digital cameras and safety equipment is to be checked by the team itself. Non-approved safety gear may lead to disqualification, so make sure your gear is in order.

02. Life jacket/flotation suit.

Must be brought and in good working condition.

03. At least two mobile phones must be bought per team.

You must be able to call the competition HQ if need be.

04. Engine safety switch.

Must be in working condition on the engines that support it.

05. Sobriety.

All participants shall be sober during the competition. Participants who appear inebriated before and/or during the competition may cause the team to be disqualified.

06. All participation is on your own risk.

The arranger will not be held responsible for personal injuries or material damage.

07. Distance between the boats should be atleast two casting lengths or 50 meters.

Show respect and leave a buffer to avoid accidents.

General terms

01. Fishing license will be sold on location and it is the responsibillity of the participants to make sure they have all valid licenses when fishing.

Each zone require a different fishing license and must be purchases separately before 08:00 on sunday aug 30 2015.

02. Team capten will recieve a measure at or before the morning meeting.

We only allow fishes that has been photo'd against the measure as instructed in the rules.

03. All participants must be signed up with their full name.

Nicknames are not allowed.

04. Photos.

When submitting photos you give Battle Of The Baltic/Sportfish permission to use your photos in our marketing. You still own the photos and only license us the use. We will not distribute the photos in their original state without prior written permission.

05. Start.

All participants will start at the same location when the clock strikes 08:00.

06. Testfishing.

Allowed up until august 29 2015. Any teams not participating in Sportfish Masters and caught fishing in the zones on saturday will be disqualified.

We reserve the right to update this set of rules without prior notice.
Last edited on 2015-05-19.

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